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Success with installation of phpmyadmin through Softaculous


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Just thought I'd start a separate topic for the installation of phpmyadmin through Softaculous.

The installation of phpmyadmin through Softaculous is effortless.  Make sure your DirectAdmin Dashboard is the one with icons so you can click on the list of Softaculous scripts on the left side of the Softaculous page.  You can type in phpmyadmin in the search box, and it should come up straightaway.

It's quite easy to put in the installation info for Softaculous.  Remember to click on "Advanced" to disable e-mails if you want to do that. Be sure to use the remote IP where the database is located and not the localhost that appears by default in the installation page.  It needs to be replaced with the IP of the Database Server.

Pretty much within a second after clicking on "install" you'll get a link from Softaculous of your phpmyadmin URL.  It will be your hosting account domain name/myadmin.  When you click on that, phpmyadmin comes with login page asking for the user name and password.

I had a bit of a brain teaser about what my user name and password would be.  Tried a few.  Checked the config file that had a blowfish secret in it. etc. etc. got a bit distracted with that.

Any way, for any one else trying, the user name and password are the same user name and password as for logging into DirectAdmin Panel.  :-*
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