was imagined with the idea of offering free web hosting and computing resources in hopes of building a community around the free products.

Free Web Hosting

Up to 10 GB Of Free Web Space for your personal sites or apps.

Choose from Cpanel or Directadmin

Free VPS

We hope to offer free virtual private servers to the community by January 2022.

Community Support

Join the community to get your free web hosting

Our History

Over the years there have been several great post for host communities – communities that are now unfortunately lost forever. Years worth of great technical tutorials, technical discussions, and camaraderie all disappeared into the sands of time.

Our Mission

It is our hope, through building an active community, that we can establish a long-lived free hosting project that isn’t burdened with a lonely admin as a single point of failure, and when I get tired of carrying the flag someone else will be ready to carry it forward.

Our Promise will always be 100% free to use. While legally the website has an owner, and someone is paying the bills, the site and services should be considered as provided by and for the community.